Kosas is a nature-inspired display typeface intended to personalize Kosas’ company branding and to provide positive connotation towards natural beauty. The typeface is intended for branding, packaging and editorial use.


Visual Design
Typeface Design


July 2020 (1 month)


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign

Kosas is a modern Sans Serif designed for users to deviate from conventional Sans Serif typefaces. Kosas takes inspiration from traditional flare serifs and modern typefaces like Futura and Frutiger. Kosas classifies as a geometric sans serif, in which it has rounder characters, while retaining its classic visual guidance from one character to the next represented by it’s subtle flares that additionally contributes to its quirky and classy personality.

Character Set

Geometric sans serif are typically even in stroke width throughout, however, Kosas has a subtle divergence in width that follows the concept of calligraphic pens and stress axis. Natural typefaces are often soft, round, and smooth, which derives from nature and organic forms.

Range of Sizes

Kosas, being a new word-mark, is best used as a display font that is also designed to have adequate legibility on small packaging starting at 14pt font size to large headlines in editorial spreads.

User Case Examples

Kosas Tinted Moisturizer &
Eyeliner Packaging

Polychrome Magazine
Covers & Spread